Sports Terminology

»  Sport (UK) or sports (US) are all forms of usually competitive physical activity or games which, through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants, and in some cases, entertainment for spectators.
»  Major sports are Athletics, Badminton, Baseball, Boxing, Cricket, Football, Hockey etc.
»  Each sport or game has some specific terms that are used to define a particular activity in that game. This article contains the list of terms which are used to define a particular activity of a particular sport popularly known as Sports Terminology.
»  Name of sports and its related important terms are asked in General Knowledge questions in IBPS and all other bank exams.

List of Sport Terminology or Sports Words
Baton, Bell Lap, Decathlon, Discus, False Start, Field, Foul, Hammer, Heptathlon, High Jump, Hurdles, Javelin, Lane, Lap, Long Jump, Marathon, Middle-Distance, Pole-Vault, Relay, Record, Shot Put, Sprint, Starting Blocks, Steeplechase, Track, Track And Field, Triple Jump, Cross Country
Alley, Back Alley, Backcourt, Balk, Baseline, Carry, Center Or Base Position, Center Line, Clear, Court, Drive, Drop, Fault, Feint, Flick, Forecourt, Hairpin Net Shot, Halfcourt Shot, Kill, Let, Long Service Line, Match, Midcourt, Net Shot, Push Shot, Racquet, Rally, Serve, Service Court, Short Service Line, Shuttlecock, Smash, Wood Shot
Pinching, Home Run, Base Runner, Throw, Perfect Game, Strike, Put Out
Cue, Cannon, Baulk, Pot Scratch, Long Jenny, Short Jenny, Frame, Spider, Short And Long Rest, In-Off
Accidental Butt, Bleeder, Bolo Punch, Bout, Brawler, Break, Buckle, Canvas, Card, Caught Cold, Clinch, Corkscrew Punch, Cornerman, Counterpunch, Cross, Cutman, Dive, Eight Count, Glass Jaw, Haymaker, Kidney Punch Liver Shot, Low Blow, Mauler, Neutral Corner, Plodder, Ring Generalship, Roughhousing, Southpaw, Spar, Stablemate, Technical Knockout, Walkout Bout, Whiskers
Contract Bridge, Duplicate Bridge, Tricks, Suite , Rubber, Trump, Grand Slam, Little Slam
Billiards & Snooker
Pull, Cue, Hit, Object Ball, Break Shot, Scoring, Cushion Billiards
Knock. Out, Round, Ring Stoppage, Punch, Upper-Cut, Kidney Punch, Timing, Foot Work
Gambit, Stalemate, Move, Resign, Checkmate
Hat-Trick, Maiden, Follow-On, Declare, Bowled, Caught, Run-Out, Leg Before Wicket(LBW), Stumped, Striker, Slips, Gully, Short Leg, Silly, Mid-On, Point, Cover, Mid-Off, Bouncer, Beamer, Googly, Full Toss, Drive, Cut, Pull, Hook, Flick
Sprint, Time Trial, Point Race, Trackrace
Attacker, Back Heel, Back Pass, Ball Carrier, Bending The Ball, Bicycle Kick, Center Spot, Corner Flag, Corner Kick,  Cross, Defender, Direct Free Kick, Dribble, Far Post, FIFA, Futsal, Give And Go, Goal Line, Goal Mouth, Goalkeeper, Header, Indirect Free Kick, Inswinger, Kickoff, Man To Man Marking, Midfielder, Nearpost, Obstruction, Offside Trap,Offside, One-Touch Pass, Penalty Spot, Red Card, Striker, Sweepe, Tackle,  Volley
Ace, Albatross, Double Eagle, All Square, Approach Putt, Apron, Ball Mark, Ballooning, Beach, Birdie, Blind Shot, Bogey, Bunker, Caddy, Chip, Claw Grip, Condor, Dogleg, Dub, Flag, Four-Ball, Mulligan, Off The Deck, Peg, Sand Trap, Tee Shot
Aerial, Back Handspring, Back Somersault, Double Back, Double Twist, Flyaway, Front Hip Pullover, Front Pike Somersault, Front Split, Front Walkover, Gienger, Handstand, Hip Circle, Miller, Pike, Rudi, Straddle, Swedish Fall, Tsukahara, Tuck, Whip Back
Advantage, Back-Stick, Bully, Cary, Centre Forward, Centre, Corner, Dribble, Flick, Free-Hit, Foul, Goal Line, Blue Line, Touch-Line, Green Card, Halfway Line, Hat-Trick, Off-Side, Red Car, Roll -In, Scoop, Short Corner, Sixteen-Yard Hit, Square Pass, Drop Pass, Stick, Striking Circle, Tackle, Tie-Breaker, Trapping, Penalty Corner, Penalty-Stroke, Long Corner, Zonal Marking
Horse Racing
Race Course, Steeplechase, Bets, Bookies, Jockey, Punter, Thorough Bred
Cocoa, Blue, White, Green Belt, Ashi-Waza, Chui, Dan, Dojo, Gyaku, Hajime, Ippon, Jigotai, Kaeshiwaza, Koka, Makikomi, Nage-Waza, O-Goshi, Randori, Scarf, Tani-Otoshi, Uchi-Komvi, Waki-Gatame, Yoshi, Yuko.
Mallet, Bunker, Chukker, Handicap, Goal, Sixty Yarder, Etc.
Bow, Bucket, Cow, Ergometer, Feather, Paddle, Drop, Regatta
Rugby Football
 Tackle, Lines, Scrum, Touch, Try
Age Zuki, Ai-Uchi, Aka, Chakugan, Dachi, Encho Sen, Fudotachi, Gedan, Geri, Hajime, Ibuki, Jion, Kakato, Koka, Makiwara, Nidan, Obi, Rei, Sanbon, Shiro, Tobigeri, Ude, Waza-Ari, Yoko-Geri, Zanshin, Zen-No
Bag, Bull’s Eye, Marksmanship, Plug, Skeet
Add Up, Anchor, Approved Meet, Backstroke, Banner, Beep, Bonus Heat, Bottom, Breaststroke, Bull Pen, Bulletin, Cap, Car Pool, Cards, Check-In, Check-Out, Course, Dryland, False Start, Freestyle, Gun Lap, Heats, Jump, Lane Lines, Paddle, Parka, Pool, Pull Buoy, Relays, Split, Stroke, Yardage
Table Tennis
Backhand, Backspin, Block, Chop, Closed, Dead Ball, Doubles, Drive, Drop Shot, Expedite Rule, Forehand, Inverted, Let, Lob, Long Pips, Loop, Match, Medium-Long, Open, Penhold, Pips-In, Pips-Out, Push, Receive, Seemiller, Serve, Set, Shakehands, Short, Sidespin, Skunk, Smash, Topspin
Smash, Cross-Court, Passing Shot,Backhand, Forehand,Slice, Top-Spin,Serve, Dropshot, Lob, Down-The-Line, Deuce, Tie-Breaker, Set, Game, Grand Slam, Ace, Volley
Assist, Attack, Attack Line, Back Row Attack, Block, Block Assist, Campfire Defense, Carry, Center Line Violation, Chester, Coach Kill, Cover The Hitter, Cut Shot, Deep Dish, Dig, Facial, Fish, Floater, Friendly Fire, Free Ball, Heat, Husband-And-Wife-Play, Jedi Defense, Joust, Jump Serve, Kill, Kong, Line Shot, Lollipop, Mintonette, Monument Valley, Net Violation, Paint Brush, Pancake, Pepper, Prince/Princess Of Whales, Quick Set, Rainbow, Red Card, Redwood, Roof, Screening, Service Ace, Set, Shank, Side Out, Six-Pack, Sizzle The Pits, Spike, Strong Side, Stuff, Tandem, Tip, Tool, Trap Set, Tuna, Whale, Yellow Card
Weight Lifting
Bulking, Bitch Tits, Shredded, Six Pack, Feeling The Burn, Power Rack, Smith Machine, Muscle Memory, Pump And Toners, Cardio Bunny, Plateau, Vascularity, Supersets, Drop Sets/Strip Sets, Periodization, Pyramiding, Standard Plates And Bars
Point, Half-Nelson, Head Lock, Heave, Freestyle, Hold, Rebouts, Scissor
Flying Dutchman, Soling Tempest, Tornado
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