Chemistry Quiz-1

1. The process of decomposing organic waste in the presence of air is termed as 
A. Salvaging
B. Oxidation
C. Pulverizing
D. Incineration
Ans: D
2. Which of the following in not a carboxylic acid?
A. Formic acid
B. Citric acid
C. Picric acid
D. Tartaric acid
Ans: C
3. Radiations which is not emitted during radioactivity is :
A. α rays
B. β ravs
C. γ ravs
D. Cathode rays
Ans: D
4. Rectified spirit is :
A. 95% ethyl alcohol
B. 100% ethyl alcohol
C. methylated spirit
D. tincture
Ans: A
5. Brass is an alloy of :
A. Cu, Al and Zn
B. Cu and Sn
C. Cu and Zn
D. Al and Mg
Ans: C
6. Glycol is added to aviation gasoline because it
A. reduces evaporation of petrol
B. increase efficiency of petrol
C. prevents freezing of petrol
D. reduces consumption of petrol
Ans: C
7. Which type of glass is used for making glass reinforced plastic?
A. Pyrex glass
B. Flint glass
C. Quartz glass
D. Fibre glass
Ans: D
8. Hydrogen bomb is based on the principle of
A. controlled fission reaction
B. uncontrolled fission reaction
C. controlled fusion reaction
D. uncontrolled fusion reaction
Ans: D
9. Sweat contains water and _____________
A. Citric acid
B. Lactic acid
C. Salt
D. Vinegar
Ans: C
10. Who is regarded as father of modern chemistry ?
A. Ruterford
B. Einstein
C. Lavoisier
D. C.V. Raman
Ans: C
11. Which is not a type of elements ?
A. Metals
B. Non Metals
C. Metalloids
D. Gases
Ans: C
12. Which acid is present in lemon ?
A. Marlic acid
B. Citric acid
C. Lactic acid
D. Tartaric acid
Ans: B
13. Identify the wrong statement in the following
A. Atomic radius of the elements increases as one moves down the first group of the periodic table
B. Atomic radius of the elements decreases as one moves across from left to right in the 2nd period of the
C. Amongst isoelectronic species, smaller the positive charge on the cation, smaller is the ionic radius
D. Amongst isoelectronic species, greater the negative charge on the anion, larger is the ionic radius
Ans: C
14. Rare gases are
A. Mono atomic
B. Di atomic
C. Tri atomic
D. None of above
Ans: B
15. The term PVC used in the plastic industry stands for
A. Polyvinyl chloride
B. Polyvinyl carbobate
C. Phosphor vanadiu chloride
D. Phosphavinyl chloride
Ans: A

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