Computer Awareness Quiz-1

1. A small picture that represents either a program or a shortcut on a computer screen is–
(A) a pointer (B) a logo (C) a graphics (D) an icon (E) a shortcut
[Answer: D]
2.The speed of a PC is measured in–
(A) Megabytes (B) Nanoseconds (C) Megahertz (D) Milliseconds (E) Kilo seconds
[Answer: C]
3. ………. is the maximum number of horizontal and vertical pixels that are displayed on the screen.
(A) Pixel (B) Response Rate (C) Resolution (D) Screen size (E) Reflection
[Answer: C]
4.Which component of a computer system perform arithmetic calculations?
(A) CU (B) ALU (C) US (D) CD-ROM (E) Memory
[Answer: B]
5.What is another name for a computer's main volatile memory ?
[Answer: A]
6.Oracle is a–
(A) RDBMS (B) Hardware (C) System software (D) High level language (E) Operating system
[Answer: A]
7.Which is a software?
(A) Mouse (B) Pointer (C) MS Word (D) Keyboard (E) Plotter
[Answer: C]
8.Which of the following are input devices?
(i) Keyboard (ii) Pointer (iii) Speaker (iv) Scanner (v) Plotter (vi) Webcam
(A) i, ii, v (B) i, iv, v (C) i, v, vi (D) i, iii, vi (E) i, ii, iv
[Answer: E]
9.Windows Explorer is the name of–
(A) a network (B) a web browser (C) a file manager (D) an internet browser (E) a drive
[Answer: B]
10.Which of these is not a peripheral, in computer terms?
(A) Keyboard (B) Mouse (C) Monitor (D) Printer (E) Motherboard
[Answer: E]
11.Every web page has a unique address called a(n)–
(A) RUL (B) ARL (C) LUR (D) URL (E) Hyperlink
[Answer: D]
12.Power Point is–
(A) an application program for document preparations (B) an application program for graphics
(C) an application program for spreadsheet (D) an application program for presentation
(E) a program for powerful applications
[Answer: D]
13.The operating system is the most common type of ………. software.
(A) application (B) presentation software (C) system (D) word-processing software (E) communication
[Answer: C]
14.Which of the following is not a type of computer network?
[Answer: E)
15.Connections to other documents or to other locations within a Web site are–
(A) hyperlinks (B) bots (C) hyperconnects (D) plug-ins (E) filters
[Answer: A]

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