Computer Awareness Quiz-2

1.The largest unit of digital information is–
(A) Kilobyte (B) Byte (C) Terabyte (D) Megabyte (E) Gigabyte
[Answer: C]
2. Programs such as Mozilla Firefox that serve as navigable windows into web are called–
(A) Networks (B) Hyperlinks (C) Web Browsers (D) Internet (E) URLs
[Answer: C]
3.Which of the following is contained at the end of the computer file name and helps to determine the type of file ?
(A) File sub-name (B) File property (C) File extension (D) File name (E) File nomenclature
[Answer: C]
4.Which of the' following is a text-based operating system?
(A) MS-DOS (B) Windows 95 (C) Windows 2000 (D) Windows XP (E) Windows CE
[Answer: A]
5.The 'http' you type at the beginning of any site's address stands for–
(A) Hidden Text Transfer Protocol (B) Hyperspace Techniques and Technology Progress
(C) Hyperspace Terms and Technology Protocol (D) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
(E) HTML Transfer Technology Process
[Answer: D]
6.GUI in computing stands for–
(A) General User Interaction (B) Graphical User Interface (C) Graphical Utility Interface
(D) Good User Interface (E) Graphical User Interlude
[Answer: B]
7.VoIP stands for–
(A) Vote over IP (B) Voice over IP (C) Vendor over IP (D) Voice on IP (E) Version over IP
[Answer: B]
8. ………. is an area of a computer that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed, stored or output.
(A) Storage (B) Motherboard (C) CPU (D) Memory (E) ALU
[Answer: D]
9.What is the name of a computer pointing input device?
(A) Monitor (B) Sound card (C) Mouse (D) Modem (E) Keyboard
[Answer: C]
10.The process of writing computer instructions in a programming language is known as–
(A) Instructioning (B) Coding (C) File (D) Algorithming (E) Processing
[Answer: B]
11. ADSL is a data communication technology that enables faster data transmissions over telephone lines. ADSL stands for–
(A) Accelerated Digital Subscriber Line (B) Accelerated Digitized Subscriber Line (C) Analogous Digital Service Line
(D) Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (E) Asynchronous Data Subscriber Line
[Answer: D]
12.Which of the following is not one of the basic components of a desktop personal computer system?
(A) Input Device (B) Storage Devices (C) System Unit (D) Internet (E) Display Device
[Answer: D]
13.Which of the following is not an output device in a computer system?
(A) Printer (B) Keyboard (C) Monitor (D) Speaker (E) Plotter
[Answer: B]
14.What do we use to change the appearance and positioning of text document in MS Word ?
(A) Scaling (B) Editing (C) Re-appearance (D) Indenting (E) Formatting
[Answer: E)
15.What is the full form of BASIC?
(A) Balanced Assembly System Integrated Code (B) Basic All System Internal Code (C) Beginners Assembly Syntax Instruction Code
(D) Beginners All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (E) Basic All purpose Syntax Integrated Code
[Answer: D]

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