Computer Awareness Quiz-3

1. Every computer connected to an intranet or extranet must have a distinct–
(a) Firewall (b) Brand name (c) Proxy server (d) Domain name (e) IP address
(Answer: e)
2.To 'Debug' the system means–
(a) Find the correct hardware (b) Find. and install correct system (c) Find and correct errors in system
(d) To install the operating system (e) Find correct software
(Answer: c)
3.Which one of the following is NOT a computer programming language?
(a) C++ (b) COBOL (c) BASIC (d) Java (e) MS-Excel
(Answer: e)
4.The IC chip, used in computers, is made of–
(a) Copper (b) Chromium (c) Iron Oxide (d) Silicon (e) Silica
(Answer: d)
5. ………. refers to the unauthorised copying and distribution of software.
(a) Plagiarism (b) Software piracy (c) Cracking (d) Hacking (e) Software literacy
(Answer: b)
6. A ……….program provides access to Web resources.
(a) Browser (b) ISP (c) URL (d) Web (e) Inker
(Answer: a)
7. In computer system: scanner is ………. device.
(a) Keyboard type (b) External memory device (c) Input (d) Printer type (e) Output
(Answer: c)
8.Which of the following is not a networking device?
(a) Linux (b) Firewalls (c) Routers (d) Gateways (e) Switches
(Answer: a)
9. Devices, such as monitors and printers, that are connected to the computer are called–
(a) Peripheral Devices (b) Input Devices (c) System Devices (d) Attachment Devices (e) Processing Devices
(Answer: a)
10.To save an existing file with a new name or to a new location, the user should use………. command.
(a) New file (b) save as (c) copy (d) save and replace (e) save
(Answer: b)
11. In binary language each letter of the alphabet, and each special character are made up of a unique combination of–
(a) Eight characters (b) Eight bytes (c) Eight Kilobytes (d) Two kilobytes (e) Eight bits
(Answer: e)
12. A beam of light used to record and retrieve data on optical disk is known as–
(a) Polarised light (b) Coloured light (c) Unpolarised Concentric Light (d) Laser (e) Electric light
(Answer: d)
13.The brain of any computer system is–
(a) ALU (b) CPU (c) Keyboard (d) Monitor (e) Control unit
(Answer: b)
14. A file name my document .docx would have been created in–
(a) MS Word (b) MS Outlook (c) MS Excel (d) Word Perfect (e) MS PowerPoint
(Answer: a)
15.What is the meaning of bandwidth in network?
(a) Network architecture (b) Width of the transmission cable (c) Connected computers, in network
(d) Class of IP used in network (e) Transmission capacity of a communication
(Answer: e)

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