International Boundaries Between Countries

» Borders are geographic boundaries of political entities or legal jurisdictions, such as governments, sovereign states, federated states, and other sub national entities.
» It is very important to know about the Important International Boundary Lines between various countries because it will improve your general knowledge and many questions have been asked in various exams.
» This is a list of countries and territories and its land borders. For each country or territory, the number of unique land boundaries and the identity of other countries and territories that neighbour are listed.

List of Important International Boundaries lines between Countries

Name of the lines/Boundaries
Between Countries
Armistice Line
North Korea and South Korea.
Blue Line
Israel & Lebanon
Curzon Line
Poland & Russia
Durand Line HU
Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Green Line
Israel and its neighbour (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria)
Hindenburg Line
Poland & Germany(at the time of First World War)
Line of Actual Control
India & China on the Northern Border
Line of Control
India and Pakistan
Maginot Line
France & Germany
Mannar Haime line
Russia & Finland
Mason–Dixon line
Maryland and Pennsylvania/Delaware in Colonial America
McMohan Line
India & China
Military Demarcation Line(MDL)
North Korea and South Korea.
Oder Neisse Line
Germany & Poland( aftermath of World War II)
Purple Line
Israel and Syria
Radcliffe Line
India and Pakistan (its includes Bangladesh Line)
Siegfried Line
East France & Germany (at the time of second world war)
16 Parallel North
Angola and Namibia
17th Parallel Line
North & South Vietnam
20 Parallel Line
Libya & Sudan
22 Parallel Line
Egypt & Sudan
25 Parallel Line
Mauritania & Mali
26 Parallel Line
Western Sahara & Mauritania
31 Parallel Line
Iraq & Iran
38 Parallel Line
North & South Korea
49 Parallel Line
USA & Canada

Frequently asked:
What is the difference between the International Border and LOC between Indian and Pakistan?
»The India-Pakistan international border is the internationally recognized boundary that separates the provinces of Pakistan from the states of India.
»It is based upon the Radcliffe Line, which was an imaginary line to divide the Punjab, recommended by a committee chaired by the English barrister Sir Cyril Radcliffe, continuing to divide Gujarat from Sindh, and Kashmir from the North West Frontier Provinces of Pakistan.
»The Line of Control (LoC), is the de facto border established after conflict, which means it is not internationally deemed as a legitimate boundary.
»The LoC is the result of the solidification of fronts after the ceasefire in the Kashmir war of 1947, when raiders backed by Pakistan entered the Kashmir valley, repelled by Indian forces.

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