Official Residence of Head of States [Prime Ministers, Presidents or Monarch]

An official residence is the residence at which a nation's head of state, head of government, governor or other senior figure officially resides. It may or may not be the same location where the individual conducts work-related functions, or actually lives.

List of  The Names of Official Residences of Head of The States

Name of Residence
American President
White House
Brazil President
Palacio da Alvorada
Britain Prime Minister 
10, Downing Street
Canada Prime Minister 
24 Sussex Drive
Congo President 
Palais de Marbre (Marble Palace)
French President 
Elysee Palace
Germany President 
Bellevue Palace
India Governor’s 
Raj Bhavan
Indian President 
Rashtrapathi Bhavan
Indian Prime Minister ­
No. 7, Race Course Road [7, Lok Kalyan Marg (, लोक कल्याण मार्ग)]
Sa'dabad Palace
Italian President
Quirinal Palace
Kazakhstan President
Ak Orda Presidential Palace
King & Queen of Britain 
Buckingham Palace
Maldives President
Nepal King
Narayan Hithi Palace
Pakistan President 
Vatican Palace
Russia President 
Singapore President
South Korean President 
Blue House
Spain King 
Royal Palace
Sri Lankan President 
Temple Trees

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