List of all Colour Revolutions in India - Red, Yellow, Golden, Blue, Pink, Round

All Color Revolution and Their Fathers

»Father of Green Revolution in India is M.S. Swaminathan 
»Father of Green Revolution is Norman Borlaug
»Father of Blue Revolution is Dr. Hiralal Chaudhary.
»Father of White Revolution is Dr. Verghese Kurien.

List of Major Indian Revolutions in Various Sectors

Black Revolution 
Petroleum Production 
Blue Revolution 
Fish Production 
Brown Revolution 
Leather, Cocoa
Golden Fibre Revolution 
Jute Production
Golden Revolution 
Overall Horticulture, Honey, Fruit Production
Green Revolution 
Agriculture Production 
Grey Revolution 
Pink Revolution 
Onions, Prawn
Red Revolution 
Meat, Tomato Production
Round Revolution 
Potato Production
Silver Fibre Revolution 
Cotton Production
Silver Revolution 
Egg Production
White Revolution 
Dairy, Milk Production
Yellow Revolution 
Oil Seed Production
Round Revolution

Important Note:
We all have heard about the "Green Revolution' that happened in India in the late 1960's. It wasfor the increased production of agricultural products especially wheat, rice, cereals, pulses etc. Dr M.S Swaminathan, the genius, was the man behind this silent revolution. His efforts could make wonders in the Indian agricultural sector thereby making India self sufficient in the case of agricultural produce. Dr Swaminathan could bring this magic by the use of sophisticated machinery and high yielding varieties of seeds in the agricultural sector in lieu of our primitive and outmoded methods of cultivation.
Frequently asked:
What do you mean by Pink Revolution?
Pink Revolution is a term used to denote the technological revolutions in the meat and poultry processing sector. India has already seen the 'green' and 'white' revolutions in its food industry – related to agriculture and milk respectively, now thrust is upon meat and poultry sector.

Who is the father of blue revolution in the world?
Father of blue revolution-DR.ARUN KRISHNAN

What is meant by golden revolution?
Ensuring food security through golden revolution: prospects, achievements, and bottlenecks. Abstract. The horticulture sector pondered as the most dynamic and sustainable segment of agriculture, which covers wide spectrum of crops (fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, condiments, plantations etc.).

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