Synonyms and Antonyms Part: 4

APT (noun: APTITUDE, APTNESS): ((1) Likely; inclined or disposed - apt to succeed.
Synonym: prone. (2) Fit, suitable - an apt remark.
Synonyms: appropriate, felicitous. (3) Skillful, expert - apt at woodcarving.
Synonyms: deft, dextrous, adept.
Antonym: inept.

ARBITER: A person who has authority to decide matters in dispute - a fair decision rendered by the arbiter.
Synonyms: mediator, arbitrator

ARCHETYPE: An original pattern - copies reproduced from the archetype.
Synonym: prototype.
Antonyms: Stereotype, facsimile, replica.

ARID: Dry; barren - the arid desert land.
Synonyms: jejune, parched.
Antonyms: arable, fertile.

ARISTOCRACY: Government by the best people; a privileged class -special privileges enjoyed by the aristocracy.
Synonym: oligarchy.
Antonym: democracy.

ARMISTICE: A temporary suspension of hostilities. The armistice halted the war.
Synonym: truce

ARTFUL: Sly; crafty - attained his mean objective by artful measures.
Synonyms: cunning, wily, adroit, ingenious, guileful.
Antonyms: guileless, ingenuous, artless.

ARTICULATE (verb): To speak clearly or distinctly - articulated slowly so that he could not be misunderstood. (adj.): Capable of speech; distinct, clear – an articulate man, always ready to give his views.

ASCETIC: Rigorously self-denying - pursued the ascetic life of a monk.
Synonyms: austere, abstinent.
Antonyms: wanton, self-indulgent.

ASKANCE: With distrust - looked askance at the forged signature.

ASSEVERATE: To declare positively; to confirm - asseverated his views with conviction.
Synonyms: assert, avouch, aver, avow, allege.
Antonyms: gainsay, controvert, recant, rescind, abjure, disavow.

ASSIDUOUS: Industrious - an assiduous worker, toiling long hours.
Synonyms: sedulous, attentive, diligent, indefatigable.
Antonyms:  indolent, slothful.

ASYLUM: A place offering shelter and retreat - found asylum from persecution.
Synonyms: sanctuary, refuge.

ATHEIST: One who denies that God exists - The atheist declared, "There is no God."
Synonyms: infidel, agnostic, skeptic.

ATTRIBUTE (verb): Assign -attributed his success to bard work.
Synonym: ascribe (noun): An inherent quality -Generosity was his outstanding attribute.

AUGMENT: To increase or enlarge - an army augmented by numerous enlistments.
Synonyms: enhance, amplify.
Antonyms: abate, curtail.