Synonyms and Antonyms Part: 5

AUSPICIOUS: Indicating a happy outcome - The prospect for this project appears auspicious. Synonyms: propitious, fortunate. Antonyms: ominous, foreboding.

AUTHENTIC: Genuine -proved to be an authentic document.
Synonyms: veritable, bona fide. Antonyms: apocryphal, counterfeit, spurious, bogus.

AUTOCRATIC: Despotic - feared by the masses as an autocratic ruler.
Synonym: tyrannical.
Antonym: benevolent.

AVARICE: Excessive greed - a fortune accumulated by avarice and miserliness.
Synonyms: covetousness, cupidity, avidity.
Antonym: magnanimity.

AWRY: Unsymmetrical; not straight - the picture, hanging awry on the wall.
Synonym: askew.

BANAL: Lacking in freshness, originality, or vigor-bored by his banal remarks.
Synonyms: commonplace, hackneyed, prosaic, trite, stereotyped, vapid.
Antonyms: racy, original, vivid.

BANEFUL (noun: BANE: poison; source of harm): Destructive, poisonous - a baneful effect, causing serious injury.
Synonyms: deleterious, pernicious, virulent, noxious, toxic.
Antonym: beneficent.

BANTER: Good-natured teasing or ridicule-The two wits I exchanged banter, to the amusement of the audience.
Synonyms: raillery, chaff

BATON: A stick or staff - The conductor wielded his baton gracefully.

BELIE: To give a false idea of - His gracious manner belled his evil purpose.
Synonym: misrepresent

BELLICOSE: Inclined to quarrel; warlike - His bellicose attitude often got John into fights.
Synonyms: pugnacious, contentious, disputatious.
Antonyms: pacific, conciliatory.

BELLIGERENT: Engaged in war - two belligerent nations warring fiercely.

BENEVOLENT: Kindly; charitable - like a benevolent monarch, bestowing many favors.
Synonyms: benign, benignant, gracious, magnanimous.
Antonyms: malevolent, malignant.

BEREAVE: To deprive or leave desolate by loss - a widow just bereaved of her husband.

BESMIRCH: To soil or dirty - besmirched his opponent's good name with vile epithets.
Synonyms: stilly, defile, smirch, bespatter.

BIASED: Prejudiced - misled by a biased point of view.
Synonyms: bigoted, arbitrary, partial, partisan.
Antonyms: disinterested, equitable.

BIBLIOPHILE: A lover of books - The bibliophile fingered the old book fondly.
Antonym: bibliophobe.

BIZARRE: Queer; unusual in appearance- bizarre clothes, outlandish in the extreme.
Synonyms: odd, fantastic, grotesque, eccentric.