Synonyms & Antonyms Part: 8

CLAMOROUS: Loud and noisy - a clamorous outburst the crowd outside.
Synonyms: vociferous, obstreperous, blatant, raucous, strident.
Antonyms: muted, quiet.

CLANDESTINE: Secret; stealthy - a clandestine meeting known only to a few.
Synonyms: furtive, covert, surreptitious.
Antonyms: overt, manifest, above-board.

CLEMENT: Merciful; gentle - a clement judge who tempered justice with leniency.
Synonyms: compassionate, forbearing.
Antonyms: relentless, ruthless.

COALITION (verb: COALESCE): Alliance; merging of various units into one unit - three parties forming a coalition to rule the country.
Synonyms: amalgamation, consolidation, fusion. 

COERCION: Compelling a person by physical force or other means to do something against his will - rendered his services without the slightest coercion. Synonyms: constraint, restraint, impelling. 

COGENT: Having the force to compel, usually by appealing to reason - persuaded by cogent arguments.
Synonym: persuasive.

COLLUSION: Working together secretly for an evil purpose - acted in collusion to overthrow the government.
Synonyms: collaboration, conspiracy, conniving, machination.

COMMODIOUS: Roomy - a commodious apartment.
Synonyms: spacious, capacious, ample. 

COMPATIBLE: Harmonious; able, to get along together parted company because they were not compatible.
Synonyms: congruous, consistent.
Antonyms: incongruous, discordant, incompatible. 

COMPENDIUM (adj.: COMPENDIOUS): A brief summary of the main ideas of a larger work - a compendium of chemistry in a slim volume. Synonyms: synopsis, digest, precis, abstract, epitome. 

COMPENSATION: Payment for services - just compensation for his labor.
Synonyms: stipend, remuneration, recompense, emolument.

COMPLACENT: Self-satisfied - looked on his own performance with a complacent smile. Synonym: smug.

COMPUNCTION: Regret for wrongdoing - displayed slight compunction for his misdeed. Synonyms: contrition, penitence, atonement, remorse, qualm.

CONCEDE: To yield; to admit as true; to grant - conceded victory to a superior force.
Synonyms: acquiesce, capitulate.

CONDIGN: Well-deserved (applied chiefly to punishment) - received condign punishment for his crime.

CONDOLE (noun: CONDOLENCE): To express sympathy with another in sorrow, pain, or misfortune - condoled with each other in their grief.
Synonyms: commiserate, show compassion, solace.

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