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1.Which part of the following sentence has an error.
"He finds fault at everything I do"
[A] He finds fault
[B] at everything
[C] I do
[D] No error
Answer: B. at everything
2.Which part of the sentence has an error
"The kitchen need painting badly and I must get it get"
[A] need painting badly
[B] The kitchen
[C] and I must get it done
[D] No error
Answer: A. need painting badly

3.Choose the option that is an error in the given sentence.
"If i will play my best I can win any day against anybody"
[A] If i will play my best
[B] I can win any day
[C] against anybody
[D] No error
Answer: B. I can win any day

4.Which option improve the underlined sentence.

Years ago, I met a man
 which was President and Chairman of the board of a company.
[A] No improvement
[B] Who
[C] Whom
[D] Whose
Answer: B. Who

5.Improve the underlined part of following sentence.
Covering thirty kilometers in thirty minutes
 are not a great distance using a brand new car.
[A] aren't a great distance
[B] No improvement
[C] is no distance
[D] is not a great distance
Answer: C. is no distance

6.Improve the following sentence.
 are you coming from ?
[A] do you come from
[B] were you from
[C] No improvement
[D] You are coming from
Answer: C. No improvement

7.She had to__________ illness in order to avoid going to the party meeting.
[A] feint
[B] fain
[C] faint
[D] feign
Answer: No Answer Available, Suggest your answer below in comment

8.Your ________ nature will aid you in attaining success in every venture you undertake.
[A] persevering
[B] catalytic
[C] rotund
[D] lackadaisical
Answer: No Answer Available, Suggest your answer below in comment

9.The publisher is bringing ________ a revised edition of this book.
[A] about
[B] up
[C] round
[D] out
Answer: D. out

10.This is our house and that is _________
[A] them
[B] their
[C] theirs
[D] their's
Answer: D. their's

11.One who can not be corrected
[A] Indefatigable
[B] indolent
[C] ineligible
[D] incorrigible
Answer: D. incorrigible

12.Put side by side
[A] Propose
[B] Depose
[C] Juxtapose
[D] Impose
Answer: C. Juxtapose

13.Chief or Commander of army
[A] Colonel
[B] Lieutenant
[C] Major
[D] General
Answer: D. General

14.Choose Antonym for "Superficial".
[A] Natural
[B] Amicable
[C] Artificial
[D] Genuine
Answer: D. Genuine

15.Opposite word of "Fragile"
[A] weak
[B] strong
[C] discard
[D] brittle
Answer: B. strong

16.Choose the word that is opposite in meaning of "Harmonious"
[A] Discordant
[B] Balanced
[C] Concordant
[D] Sonorous
Answer: A. Discordant

17.Synonyms for "Felicitated"
[A] adored
[B] encouraged
[C] admired
[D] congratulated
Answer: D. congratulated

18.Choose the similar word for "honour"
[A] discipline
[B] courage
[C] respect
[D] determination
Answer: C. respect

19.Synonym of "rectify"
[A] regularize
[B] condone
[C] clarify
[D] correct
Answer: D. correct

20.Idiom/Phrase for the underlined word.
 beats about the bush.
[A] talks continuously
[B] does not talk specifically
[C] talks sensibly
[D] speak well
Answer: D. speak well

21.Choose the Idiom for underlined sentence. 
I have
 taken fancy to this car.
[A] improved
[B] developed linking for
[C] given imaginative touches
[D] revised
Answer: D. revised

22.Idiom/Phrase for following
carry out
[A] continue
[B] complete something
[C] bring
[D] to take in
Answer: A. continue

23.Choose the correctly spelt word.
[A] juvinnile
[B] juvenile
[C] juvinile
[D] juvenille
Answer: B. juvenile

24.Which of the following given options is the correctly spelt word.
[A] deteriorate
[B] deterriorate
[C] deteriorrate
[D] detariorate
Answer: A. deteriorate

25.Which of the following word is correctly spelt
[A] Knoledgeable
[B] Knowledgable
[C] Knowledgeble
[D] Knowledgeable
Answer: D. Knowledgeable

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